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Summer is here!!! So you know what that means right? Here comes the glowing skin, bronzed cheeks and those lovely shades of this season's colors. You should feel empowered to play with some color and go all out with your skin—just b'cause you can.

We often feel like the best trend is no trend at all, but in beauty, experimentation is part of the fun. Sometimes, trying new trends is less about purchasing the newest product formula and more about trying new colors and color combinations that are more on the minimal side.

Memorial day has came and gone and now we can't stop envisioning the perfect summer look. It's that in-between time when the days feel warmer, slower, and more sun-lit, and all we can think about is summer vacations and beauty looks—how to keep cool and beautiful. To make things easy, we gathered up some of our favorite looks to see this season.

Just add some moisturizer and try any of these looks below. A little something can go a long way!

1. The Glow-up

Glow! Glow! Glow! One of our favorites looks to do this summer. We love a bronzed eye and cheek. Add some highlighter in the corner of your eyes and watch it bring them to life!

Image Source: Google

2. Pastel Shadows

A pop of color can add some flare to your eyes. Think Studio 54 vibes.

Image Source: Google

3. Color Mascara

Color mascara is becoming such a trend in the beauty world nowadays. Have some fun and give this a try. Just add some skin moisturizer and some mascara and wallah you are good to go.

Image Source: Google

4. Bold Lips

Bold lips and a little mascara can do some major adjustments. Oh and can't forget the moisturizer. This look can be worn any day at anytime.

Image Source: Google

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