When should I schedule my trial?

The trial run is a time to explore what you feel most comfortable in for the special day. We recommend scheduling the trial 8-10 weeks from the time of the event. Please let us know when you are available and we will work with your schedule to the best of our ability to accomodate you and your party. Saturday Trials during peak wedding season are usually very limited. We also recommend not scheduling the trial for an engagement shoot. Usually the wedding makeup is created for a day to night transition and the photo shoot makeup is lighter for outdoor daytime looks. 

Do I schedule the trial run before I sign the contract?

This is completely your choice.  Most of our Brides reserve the date 6-8 months in advance and do the trial run 6-8 weeks out from the event. If you decide to do the trial run before signing the contract you will be billed for services of the trial that day.  When you move forward and book your reservation for services on your special day, $175 of the makeup and hair trial fee will be deducted from the proposal. If you decide to contract before the trial run, multiple trial runs may be an option for you to find your perfect fit. 

What if I do not feel comfortable with my completed trial look?

We completely understand how subjective beauty is! During the booking process please send us photos of the hair and makeup style you are interested in and we will match you up with a team that will closely match your esthetic. Please understand that your actual final look may differ from that in the inspiration as many variables sometime may apply such as extensions used to make hair look fuller, hair color and hair texture.  Each of our artists haveIf for any reason you decide this particular artist is not the right fit, you can schedule additional trial runs at a discounted rate of ________________. The 2nd trial rate for hair and makeup is $___________ and hair or makeup is $________. 


Our Beauty Specialists have a unique esthetic and vision. We recommend having a few similar options in mind as a starting point and being open to suggestions based on the variables at hand. 

We are there to serve you with the beauty needs you desire.  We want you to feel comfortable to express any options to our team should you want something changed during your process.  Most trials test our one or two similar styles during their trial run. However should you want to explore more options, our team is always available to serve you at a 2nd or 3rd trial run.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have